Ingrid J. Wysong

Ingrid Wysong is the Chief of the Combustion Devices branch at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Rocket Lab at Edwards Air Force Base, Calirfornia, USA. She previously served as Technical Advisor and Program Manager for Space and Hypersonics at the Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development (AOARD) in Tokyo Japan, as well as Program Manager for Space Technology and Propulsion at the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development (EOARD) in London UK.

Dr Wysong holds a doctoral degree in physics from the University of Oregon, and she led the Rarefied Gas Dynamics basic research group at AFRL. Her research (primarily at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s rocket propulsion division in California) has focused in the areas of: direct simulation Monte Carlo modeling of hypersonic nonequilibrium and reacting flows, laser diagnostics of combustion and gas‐flows, modeling of plume flows, molecular vibrational relaxation, and arcjet thrusters.

She has served on the International Advisory Committee of RGD since 2000, and was Co‐Chair of the Symposium in 2010. Her expertise includes: high‐temperature air flows, nonequilibrium reacting flows, moleclar beams and collisions, reaction and relaxation processes, jets and plumes, optical diagnostics, gas‐surface interactions, and space vehicle aerodynamics.